Roadmap #4: Philosophical Problem-Solving

Wow, onto our fourth major section. I didn’t think I’d still be writing these after this many months 🙂

Having started with some really foundational philosophy, covering systems theory, and then touching on practical human behaviour, our fourth section is a return to philosophy in a much more practical way. We’ve finally built enough of a foundation that we can actually put it to use, so we’re going to do just that in order to knock down well-known philosophy problems one after another.

I’ve included one level of sub-topics in this roadmap because I’m not sure at this point how much I’ll fit into each post, whether I’ll end up doing one post per approach (potentially dealing with several problems at once) or one post per problem, spreading the same approach across multiple posts.

    • Problems of Abstraction

      • Material Constitution

      • Problem of Many

    • Problems of Social Negotiation

      • Linguistics

      • Identity

    • Problems of Speculation

      • Classic Metaphysics

      • Free Will

    • The Existence of God

      • The Many Faces of God

      • Axiom vs Derivation

      • Occam’s Razor Redux

      • The Religious Meme

      • Absence of Evidence, Russel’s Teapot

    • Right and Wrong

      • Absolute vs Relative, Axiom vs Derivation

      • Occam’s Razor, Again

      • Cultural Differences

      • Social Negotiation, Memetics and Moral Evolution

    • The Meaning of Life

      • Absolute vs Relative, Axiom vs Derivation

      • Despair and Wonder

      • Truth and Beauty

      • The Unimportance of Truth

      • Tilting at Windmills

      • Enjoying the Salad

    • Aesthetics

I’m going to love this section. Allons-y!

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